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A Brief Guide to Body & Lip Piercing

    More and more youngsters are getting a body & lip piercing as its the new trend nowadays. If you don’t get one, you are the odd fish in the pond. Most people think that body piercing is a trend made famous by young and the punk rock movement, but think again? The history of body and lip piercing goes way back. Body and lip piercing is not a new thing-it has a rich history that ages back of 1000s of years and have touched almost all the continents.

    History of Body & Lip Piercing

    There are many different types of body piercings, among which, nose and ear are the most widespread ones and are represented in the historical records. The remains of the mummies were documented and were said to be wearing earrings. This led the experts to believe that it might have begun some 5000 years ago. And as for the nasal piercing, it goes back to 1500 BC. All, you young lad out there, you didn’t invent this trend, your ancestors did!

    As mentioned earlier, nose and ear piercing were popular, but not the only ones. Lip and tongue piercing were famous in Moreso in African and American tribal cultures. Did you know that nipple and genital piercing were a common practice in ancient India and Rome tribals?

    There’s so much we can talk here about the history of lip and body piercing but let us end the ancient history here. It’s time to talk about the modern piercing culture now!

    Modern Piercing Culture

    The Western culture of body piercings has seen loads of ups and downs. Did you know after World War 2, there was a dramatic rise in the popularity of various piercings and so many people wanted to try them, and experimented with them? By the start of the 1990s different types of body, piercings were revolutionized, and lip piercings were one of them.

    Examples of Different Cultural Piercing Practices

    If we delve into history, we will come across many interesting examples of modern-day and historical piercing cultures. Let’s look at them briefly

    1. Did you know ceremonies like Sun Dance celebrated in Native American cultures incorporate all types of body piercings? During the Crow Nation’s sun ceremony rites, people got different lip and body piercings as a way for inspiring powerful visions
    2. Every 10th of Feb, India celebrates the Thaipusam festival in Southern India was the honor of defeating the demon Soorapadman. During the event, many people come forward and get lip and body piercings to commemorate the religious event.
    3. The Chhetri and Brahim people in Nepal have been following the tradition of nose piercings since the 10th century. It is a mandatory thing for the female tribe members as it represents innocence and a sign of prosperity.

    Why Get Lip/Body Piercing Anyway?

    Well, that’s a personal choice for the youngsters these days, following the trend and staying with the fashion. Consider the history and how different cultures had their body pierced for religious and cultural reasons is more than enough too. So, freedom of expression, or expressing your individuality, or maybe commemorating milestones of life, or probably to honor the spiritual and cultural beliefs- the choice of body piercing depends on person to person. Different people have different motives.

    So, if the idea of body piercing attracts you, adhere to the piercing culture and make it a part of your life. It’s the best way to express your style, beliefs, and personality. There are ample body piercings to choose from- ear, nose, tongue, lip, navel and the list goes on.

    However, one thing to consider at this point is selecting a professional body piercer. You don’t want to end up with infections, swollen lips, etc. Remember, everyone has their own story.  Don’t want to end up with something you will regret later in life. Find a professional, discuss with them what you want and let them guide you.

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