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A Guide to Fake Lip Piercings

    Is your teenager giving you a hard time over lip piercing? Are they adamant that they want one? Are you worried about what their future will look like if they get their lips pierced? One thing you should know, lip piercing is trending, and there is every ounce of chance that your teen will get them. However, we have got a solution for you.

    Have you heard about fake lip piercings? No?

    Read below!

    We can not deny teens want fun; there is no stopping them. Honestly, you should not. Wild is good, and don’t you remember your day banging the doors asking for permission from your parents about the same?

    Piercing is a perfect addition to their aesthetics and gives them an edgy look, do not steal that from them.

    Fake lip piercings are what you should push them to get. Fake lip piercings are pieces of jewelry that will fit on your lip, but unlike the real thing, they won’t pierce your skin. Cool right? Thus, they are not permanent. Once they grow out of it, snap it out. No big deal!

    It is a perfect solution for people who are not looking for long-term commitments with lip piercing.

    Materials Used for Fake Lip Piercing

    The most common materials to make fake lip piercings are plastic and stainless steel. The material for your lip piercing depends on what shop you purchase it. Different stores have different variations.

    Do you know you can make the fake lip pierce yourself at home? They are so in these days.

    DIY a Fake Lip Piercing

    1. Purchase a large amount of earring wire and wrap it around a pen/pencil
    2. Cut the ends of the wire so that it resembles an open-loop
    3. Use a metal file to scratch the edges to smoothen it. Otherwise, the sharp edge will hurt your lips. Either way, add a dot of hot glue on the edges and allow it to dry.
    4. Once the glue dries, bend the wire until it is of the same width as your lips
    5. Position the ring in a way that the open edge rests on your lips

    Pros of Fake Piercings

    1. One of the first advantages of fake lip piercings is that they are temporary. If at any time you decide to remove it, you can do so.
    2. With fake lip piercings, you don’t have to worry about puncturing your skin as there is no actual piercing
    3. Say no to allergic reactions or infections. Unlike real piercing, your lips will swell, bleed, and will have infections. But, with these, there won’t be any wound, so no health risks
    4. When the infections are not treated on time, it can propose serious health complications, which are not present with fake lip piercings.
    5. Don’t like the jewelry? No worries! Swap it with another
    6. We can’t forget that there is no pain factor
    7. Let’s say you want a permanent piercing but don’t know how the lip piercing will look on your face. You can try a fake lip pierce and see if the idea of going for a permanent pierce is good for you or not
    8. Get rid of that extra aftercare and precautions you need with a real lip piercing. Real piercings should be cleaned and rinsed regularly.
    9. Parents, if your teen wants to go for lip piercing, tell them about fake lip piercings. And teens, are your parents not allowing you to go for lip piercings? Don’t worry, show them this article
    10. And finally, some people out of the spur of the moment go for body piercings because of peer pressure. And then, in the future, if they regret it, they go for removals. Although lip piercings and other body piercings can be removed, at times, scars develop, which are difficult to get rid of. This is the perfect solution for people who don’t want to go for permanent piercings.


    1. One of the biggest drawbacks of fake lip piercings is that it’s not real
    2. Some people find it uncomfortable to wear. If you make a lip ring at home and do not smoothen the ends, it can hurt your lips badly
    3. It does not give a perfect piercing look. Might look fake and tacky

    To conclude I would say, if you have thought about it and are 100% sure that you won’t regret a lip piercing in the future, go for it. Theirs is nothing more important than being yourself. However, if there’s a tiny bit of doubt, I would suggest that fake lip piercings are your thing. They will give the same look like the real one but are safe, and you can remove it any time of day. Stay trendy with fake lip piercings, as it’s never out of fashion.