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Advantages & Disadvantages of Lip Piercing for Females

    If you want to know the advantages and disadvantages of lip piercing, this article can guide you and you can decide whether lip piercing is a good match for you!

    Long ago, the world welcomed a new fashion in the form of body piercings. It all started from Nimrud, Iraq when people were seen piercing their ears somewhere in the midst of the 9th Century BC.

    Regardless of what the people believe now, lip piercing for females has been here since the century BC. According to history, tribal people had a myth that lip piercing for females made their ancestors happy. In fact, some of the tribes used lip rings and piercings as a stature symbol, and during some important religious rituals, they would conduct lip piercing ceremonies.

    Above all, lip piercing for females is a sign of feminism and beauty. Lip piercing can be done on the lower and upper lip, depending on what the individual is looking for. You can find a range of jewelry, studs, rings, and barbells as lip piercing pieces. Among all, the Labret stud is the easiest to remove than the other types of lip jewelry. However, it is generally suggested that the piece of jewelry is made of niobium, titanium, 18-carats gold, or surgical steel.

    But, before you take the big step, look at some advantages and disadvantages of getting your lips pierced.

    Advantages Of Lip Piercing for females

    Lip piercing for females is not a new concept but now it is more of a fashion trend than more of cultural beliefs. This new trend signifies freedom, rebelliousness, and self-expression.

    1.     One of the first advantages of lip piercing is that no matter how deep the wound is, with respect to other body piercing, it heals faster

    2.     As mentioned earlier, it is a new fashion, so not many people have had it till now. Why don’t you start the trend in your area and create sensations and turn the heads around?

    3.     Personally, I believe that every individual should have freedom of expression. So, if you like it and want it, there’s nothing stopping you. It’s all about you- what makes you happy. Isn’t that enough of a reason?

    Disadvantages Of Getting Your Lip Pierced

    Although the disadvantages outdo the advantages in number, if proper sanitation and precautions are taken into consideration, then you should definitely go ahead.

    1.     Carelessness and not taking care of sanitation and precautions can lead to infections

    2.     At times, individuals do not care for the infection that eventually leads to scarring and in some rare cases, blood poisoning. That’s why it is highly recommended to conduct proper research before you go for it.

    3.     Some people are not trained and certified to perform lip piercing for females. In this case, infections occur. There’s a proper method to see which place the piercing is safe to perform depending on person to person.

    4.     God forbid, if the piercing jewelry hits the blood vessels, it can result in a visit to the ER due to bleeding

    5.     At times, certain metals cause allergic reactions. Therefore, make sure you are not allergic to metals, if you are, do not go for the piercing as it can cause swelling

    6.     Lip piercing has a lot of dental risks. If the jewelry is not cleansed on the daily basis, it can lead to chipped teeth, worn teeth enamel, damage to the gums, tongue swelling, aspirations, etc,…

    7.     Drooling is a common side effect of lip and cheek piercing

    8.     There are chances of jewelry aspiration/ airway obstruction. If this happens, surgery has to be performed to remove the piece of jewelry

    9.     Some people find it difficult to speak properly, especially if the lip piercing is near the tongue area

    Now, don’t let this scare you. If proper research has been conducted and proper aftercare is done, none of the above will happen. Go ahead, and contact us now, let the world know who you are, express yourself.

     How to take care of a lip piercing?

    The usual time for the healing of lip piercing is around 6 to 8 weeks. However, some lip piercing, like Monroe, middle lip piercing will take around 3-months to completely heal. The healing time varies from person to person. It depends on how much aftercare by the person is being performed. It is crucial that you take extra care of your physical health too. Avoid hard foods that can put pressure on the lips. Stay hydrated, sleep well, practice good hygiene, quit smoking, don’t use strong mouthwash and tubes of toothpaste. In short, avoid medicines and foods that will dilute your blood, which will make it difficult for your body to heal naturally. All types of body piercing will hurt and have pros and cons.

    But, if you’ve your mind, then regardless of what others might say, go for it. Lip piercing for females is the trend, and it’s here to stay for quite some time.