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An Ashley lip Piercing, What is it?

    The Ashley lip piercing is a great way if you want to accent your lip, but without it getting too much attention. Have you struggled to decide what piercing you wish in your lip and the location? Then maybe the Ashley piercing is what you have been searching for!

    An Ashley lip piercing, a.k.a; an inverted vertical labret, is a piercing that is located in the middle of your lower lip. It is a single puncture through the lip. You will only see the one stud on the outside of your lip. The other side is inside the mouth.

    This piercing is different from other piercings inside your lip. The unique look of this piercing makes it a popular one amongst women. It is said to affect the appearance and shape of your lips positively. Want to know more about this piercing? Continue reading!

    The Ashley Lip Piercing

    Unlike most lip piercings, the Ashley piercing actually gets punctured through the lip. It sits in the middle of your lower lip. Piercers pierce the jewelry from the outside through to the inside of the mouth. It is a single piercing that stands out but in a minimalistic way. Its original name is an inverted vertical labret.

    When getting the middle of your lip pierced with some form of jewelry, you can pick between a few different types.

    • Bead
    • Gemstone.
    • Charm.

    Often men or women with nice-looking lips want to get this type of piercing because it gives their lip just that extra bit of attention.

    How Much is an Ashley Lip Piercing?

    The Ashley lip piercing comes with a price of anywhere between $30.- to $90.- depending on the piercer, the area, and the kind of jewelry you choose.

    Be aware that you pick a professional piercer. If you want the piercing to sit nicely in the middle of your lip, then you want someone to do it that knows how to.

    Because the piercing sits on the inside of the mouth, it will rub against your gums and teeth. Depending on where the piercing gets placed, this will have more or less impact. Always ask your piercer for more information, and advice about this.

    Can the Ashley lip Piercing Make Your Lips Look Bigger?

    Because of the way the piercing is placed on the outside of your lip, it gives your lips more attention. In addition, choosing a small piece of jewelry can definitely make your lips look bigger. If this is the result you want, don’t choose a too big stud; this will work in the opposite direction.

    If you want to take your lips to a new level, then don’t only put in a piercing but also add some color to your lips with lipstick!

    How is an Ashley lip Piercing Done?

    Getting an Ashley piercing is an easy process. 

    1. Find a trusted piercer (someone in a legal shop with experience
    2. Tell him the type of piercing that you want
    3. Together you will choose the spot of the piercing on your lower lip
    4. The piercer will make a single puncture through your lip with a needle
    5. While taking out the needle, he will replace it with the jewelry
    6. Take a look in the mirror and at your new piercing! 

    As mentioned before, make sure you go to a professional piercer. Because the jewelry sits inside of your mouth contamination or getting an infection is a risk.  So you want someone to pierce it with sterile equipment.

    Does an Ashley Piercing Hurt?

    How badly the piercing will hurt depends on the person’s pain tolerance. That said, most people rate this piercing not to be too painful. Mid-level discomfort at most.

    The duration that the piercing will hurt is approximately a couple of days. Some swelling is a normal effect. The piercer will place a longer piercing at first to accommodate the swelling and for the piercing to not get overgrown by your lip. If you feel the piercing pressing too hard against the lip area in the first few days, it’s recommended to go back to your piercer and ask him for advice.

    To protect your gums and teeth, it is best to replace the long piercing with a shorter piercing once the swelling has gone.

    Can you Kiss With an Ashley Lip Piercing?

    You just made it back from the piercer, and your boyfriend is waiting there to kiss you, then you might want to turn your cheek towards him. If you just got your lip piercing, as you can imagine, the area is painful and a bit swollen. Kissing will hurt. 

    After a few days, you can kiss someone without any problem. For your own comfort, you want to wait for the area to be healed and for the swelling to be gone.  However, it might feel different than before as the jewelry will move inside your lip.

    What Size Gauge is an Ashley Lip Piercing?

    The gauge of a piercing is also known as the thickness. However, the thicker the piercing, the bigger the whole. When you get an Ashley piercing, you most likely will get pierced with a 16 or 14 gauge.

    A gauge of 16 is approximately 0.059 to 0.065 inches.

    A gauge of 14 is approximately 0.0747 to 0.0785 inches.

    After you have pierced your lip with these standard gauges, it is up to you if you want to leave them like that. Of course, you can always decide if you’re going to go for a smaller or bigger gauge.

    Does an Ashley Lip Piercing Leave a Scar?

    Any piercing can leave a scar. The Ashley piercing is no different. It depends on the person and their skin type. If you get an infection after getting your piercing this can generate more scar tissue. The chances of a scar will grow.

    If you want your piercing to heal in the best way possible, you can follow some tricks and tips. If you want to know more, you can read about it here:

    Some last thoughts about the Ashley piercing 

    The Ashley piercing has become more and more popular. Many beautiful piercings can accommodate this area of the lip very well. Therefore, this type of piercing can give your look and style just that bit of an extra touch that you were looking for!