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Can you get a lip piercing with braces?

    There is a confusing question for those undergoing orthodontic procedures: Is it possible to get braces with lip piercing? Aesthetic concerns are important, but not as important as our health. Nowadays, with the rise of the lip-piercing trend, many questions come to mind. Especially people who are concerned about orthodontics continue their research on these issues. Are braces with lip piercing dangerous? In this article, we will clarify the issue expertly.

    First, let’s understand the type of lip piercing

    The type (location and shape) of your piercing brings with it different features. Especially when it comes to braces, the position of your teeth matters. Types that professionals definitely do not recommend for lip piercings can be listed as follows:

    • Labret
    • Jestrum
    • Medusa
    • Bites

    This type of lip piercing may not be suitable for braces. Although no definite harm is promised, it is dangerous because it is positioned very close to your teeth, and it is always good to take precautions.

    However, depending on the type of lip piercing, different symptoms and complications may occur after the procedure. While some types may have more bleeding, others may have more inflammation or infection, and these situations are quite normal. Moreover, this is not only related to the type of lip piercing but also to your condition.

    Is it safe to have braces with lip piercing?

    A definitive “yes” or “no” answer regarding lip piercing with braces is not possible unless you have a specific health problem. We can summarize this situation, where you need to take the consequences and accept responsibility, as follows: Braces can sometimes fall off piercings, and falling piercings can cause damage. For example, you may unintentionally swallow a piece of metal in your mouth, or this piece may get stuck in your braces. These very sensitive structures may also be damaged as a result of metal contact with the braces.

    Additionally, although it varies depending on your orthodontic jaw structure, lip piercings can sometimes put pressure on the braces, which may affect the healing process of your teeth. Especially people who receive treatment such as jaw expansion before braces should be extra careful about this because braces may be vulnerable to even the slightest pressure from outside.

    If you are not careful while eating, there is a possibility that your braces and lip piercing may be damaged at the same time. This usually occurs with hard snacks such as cookies.

    Although unlikely, the back of your lip piercing may get caught in your braces. This is a short-term accident that usually occurs with bites-type piercings. This jam, which you can correct with your hand, may cause breakage or slippage in the braces that have been in the mouth for a long time. 

    Symptoms such as inflammation occur quite frequently after a new lip piercing. In this case, inflammation or any type of wound reflected on the braces may cause a chemical reaction in the metals. If you are not sure how to do the best after-care for lip piercing, this risk may occur.

    When you consider all these possibilities, you may still think that having a lip piercing is worth it. Then it is ideal for you to have it done immediately. However, if you do not want to feel anxious, it would be beneficial to listen to these suggestions of experts.


    Some tips for the healthiest way to have braces with lip piercing

    If you pay attention to a few important points for braces with lip piercing, the possibilities in the list above will decrease and anxiety can disappear.

    • It is the most logical decision to consult your dentist before getting a lip piercing. This consultancy is advantageous for the analysis of individual orthodontic situations. Acting according to your doctor’s recommendations protects you from possible dangers.
    • It is very important to choose the right type of lip piercing according to your own face type, health condition, and other conditions. You can gain peace of mind by examining the resources on the internet on this subject. However, you can observe which type of piercing will fit on your face using some artificial intelligence tools.
    • Paying attention to post-lip piercing care is very important for hygiene as well as oral health. Regular cleaning, and consulting a doctor for unexpected infections are matters for sure. Also, having people you can consult for other symptoms will make you much more comfortable.
    • Before getting a lip piercing, reading the experiences on this subject on forums is also a good preparation. It is best to hear the process directly from experienced people, especially for the type of lip piercing you have decided on.
    • Paying attention to your nutrition will minimize symptoms such as edema, swelling, bruises, and wounds that may occur in your body. After a little research on the internet, it will be beneficial for you to apply one of these diets.
    • After getting a lip piercing, it is very important that you do not miss any of your braces-related dentist appointments. Hidden dangers may occur if you miss your appointments.

    Bonus: Don’t be confused, research more!

    Lip piercing is a confusing decision for those who want to make a physical difference. One possibility is that you will be confused during this decision process. If you still haven’t decided on a treatment such as braces, you can get more information by reviewing the articles on our blog.

    To summarize, the answer to whether braces with lip piercing is possible or not varies from person to person. Although it is considered “dangerous” for people with braces to have a lip piercing, the responsibility to be taken as a result of this issue belongs to the individual. That’s why it’s always best to make the decision you feel most comfortable with after good counseling.