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Different Types of Classy Lip Piercing Studs & Styles

    I am sure you’ve been praying so long for that lip-piercing wound to heal. So that you can try experimenting with your new holes. Undoubtedly, lips say a lot about the person and when it comes to adorning them, it takes the story to a whole new chapter.

    Do you know that the jewelry for the piercing is way different than your everyday jewelry? And there are a lot of materials that can be used to construct them? That’s why you will come across a lot of different styles and prices in the market. The main materials used for making classy lip piercings are- 14K gold, surgical steel, and titanium. These are considered the purest metals. Thus, they are safe for body piercings.

    What to Wear for Healing Process?

    For fast healing, studs are used. Labrets are the back pieces of the piercing stud. It’s different from the typical butterfly-back post you use on regular jewelry. The length of the Labret varies, depending on the place of your piercing and the structure of your lips.

    The Best Type of Classy Lip Piercing Jewelry

    1. Labret Stud
    2. Captive Beads Rings
    3. Circular Barbells

    Like mentioned earlier, most piercers will use a long Labret stud. This is important as lips usually swell after a piercing. However, this causes a problem with eating. Eating becomes a difficult task. A bead replaces the Labret studs here. But, there’s a downside here. It moves around more than a stud. So, the healing time increase.

    It’s only natural to change the piercing when the healing is over. But you need to be patient, give it at least 6 weeks before taking out that Labret stud.

    Best Classy Lip Piercing Types

    Let’s talk about rings now. You can find an array of collections in the market. Some of the best ones are listed below;

    1. 14K Real Gold Captive Bead Ring

    By far, this is the best option for people who wants to wear the piercing attractively. The main thing that grabs attention is that its made of pure gold, and is surrounded by beads. Yes, it is expensive, but the purchase is worth it.

    2. 16g Labret Stud – Lip Ring- Medusa Piercing

    16g Labret studs resemble the Monroe piercing. It is unique and made of surgical steel. It is available in the market in the form of body piercing, lip barbell, lip rings, and Medusa piercing.

    3. 20 Gauge Sterling Silver 

    The 20-gauge sterling silver continuous hoop is among the best classy lip piercing rings to date. The usual size is 5 to 10 mm.

    What to Consider When Choosing Placement?

    You should never compromise on the style and look you want. When selecting for a placement, consider these factors. For a more subtle look, go for a single piercing like Monroe, Medusa, Labret, and Madonna. This is especially true if your jewelry is small and elegant. Labret and Medusa piercings are more visible when we wear them with hoops.

    But, if you are the wild type of person, take a leap of faith and go for two or more piercing holes. Take my word, they look amazing and make a style statement. Did you always want to own the world? Go girl, it’s that time! Two or more perforation piercings expose both ends of the jewelry. Some examples: Jestrum, vertical Labret, shark bites, or canine bites.

    Before all this- be smart and choose the right piercing location. Try faux rings if you don’t want to commit to a permanent hole. You can find these hoops in many online shops, and they are a great alternative to lip rings but without a piercing. Try them if you are unsure about a permanent lip piercing. In the future, if you plan, go for a real lip pierce. Faux lip rings will grip the lips just like an ear cuff does to the ear.

    Finally, choose the right type of lip ring to be inserted into your lips initially. You don’t want to end up with red, swollen, and infected lips. You can find good quality, unique and classy lip piercings online. Just make sure it is made of hypoallergenic materials like gold, titanium, and steel, as they are the purest of all metals. Explore the world of classy lip piercings styles and jewelry.