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Healing and Caring Lip Piercing

    Lip piercing is a new trend among youngsters. They look great and there are many ways you can customize your look. However, friendly advice, before you decide to go for it, do your research on how to heal lip piercing faster because if not dealt with on time, it can result in possible scars.

    Scars are common whenever there’s a puncture in the skin. The body works by healing the wound, replacing the damaged flesh with tissues, leading to scars/bumps.

    If you want to avoid the scars in the first place, you need to ask your piercer the healing time or ways to heal the lip piercing faster.

    Did you know your mouth is the perfect niche for the bacteria to multiply? Making it mandatory to clean the piercing part often.

    How To Heal Lip Piercing Faster to Avoid Scar?

    • Rinse your mouth often using saltwater or an alcohol-free mouthwash. It is especially true after you eat, drink or smoke
    • Make sure you clean the outer part of the jewelry with soap whenever you shower. It removes the scabs on time.
    • Do not touch your piercing with dirty hands. Clean your hands before
    • Do not at any time, try to remove the piercing before 3-months. The wound takes time to heal, depending on the location of the piercing. Once you feel the wound has healed, remove the piece of jewelry and soak it in salt water.
    • If at any time you feel the scar has started to develop, do not fret, they are usually small and would eventually heal, leaving behind a tiny pale dot, probably invisible to all.

    How Much Time Does a Lip Piercing Take to Heal?

    As we all know, the lip is a tricky area, and lip piercing is prone to infections due to constant contact with food, air, smoke, saliva, bacteria, and thus, contaminants. Moreover, the healed part can reopen if you rub your mouth on the pillow while sleeping, causing reinfection.

    You can identify the infection. Signs and symptoms to differentiate between swell and infection are

    • Redness around the piercing
    • Swelling
    • Throbbing pain
    • White/clear discharge
    • Emission of heat in the area

    Other signs to look out for are

    • fever
    • pus
    • bleeding
    • unbearable pain

    What to do in case of an Infection?

    In case you develop an infection after a lip piercing, make sure you clean the area thoroughly.


    • Are you wondering how to heal lip piercing fast? Clean the area with an anti-bacterial soap. Try using a brand with no additives. Too many additives lead to irritation and too much fiddling.
    • Clean the piercing in lukewarm soap water
    • Rinse
    • Make sure you do not rub the piercing. Gently dab the cotton ball-soaked soap water.
    • Repeat twice a day


    • Did you know saltwater has natural healing properties? It can kill bacteria, making it an ideal disinfectant for the piercing site.
    • Boil one cup of water and add a teaspoon of salt
    • Allow it to cool
    • Dab a cotton ball in the saltwater
    • Gently wipe the piercing site.

    How to reduce the risk of lip piercing infection?

    Now that we’ve seen how to heal lip piercing faster, it’s time to look at ways to reduce the risk of an infection developing in the first place.

    Modify Your Diet

    Do not chew hard foods that can get trapped at the piercing site and are hard to chew. Try to use soft foods like yogurt, pudding, and ice-cream

    Say No to Alcohol

    Alcohol will dilute your blood, leading to the added risk of bleeding, and you don’t want that!

    Quit Smoking

    Well, smoking introduces a lot of contaminants to your body, increasing the chance of an infection. Let go of the cigarette for at least 8-weeks. It avoids dry mouth too, which can give an open invitation to new diseases. And anyway, smoking is not healthy, probably this way you can kick off the habit

    Eat Healthily

    A healthy diet will promote the healing process. Dump down food that is rich in nutrients and boost your immune system. You don’t want to start with the never-ending course of antibiotics if an infection develops anyway.

    No one is saying you’ve to refrain from getting a lip piercing; it surely is fun, trendy and it’s what youngsters love to do. Go ahead, enjoy, but make sure you know how to heal a lip piercing faster so that you can show that pierce to your friends soon.