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How much does a lip piercing cost?

    Ever wondered how much a lip piercing cost?

    It is good to know the prices of different types of lip piercings before having your lip pierced. A lip piercing cost can range between $30-$120.

    But the exact price depends on several factors. An experienced piercer is likely to charge you more compared to the opposite.

    The specific shop location is also a factor. Lip piercing stores located in big cities would charge higher fees.

    Also, consider the kind of jewelry you choose. The more expensive the jewelry you want, the more you will pay for the piercing procedure.

    The last factor to consider is the number of piercing you want. A complex lip area involving more than two punctures like spider bites will cost you more.

    So, to avoid being overcharged, we have shared is a price list of the most common types of lip piercings in the chart below:

    Image Name Cost
    Ashley Piercing $35-$80
    Angel Bites $30-$80
    Monroe Piercing $30-$50
    Madonna Piercing $30-$50
    Medusa Piercing $40-$90
    Dahlia Piercing $20-$80
    Labret Piercing $35-$70
    Vertical Labret Piercing $40-$70
    Jestrum piercing $40-$80
    Snake Bites $50-$80
    Cyber Bites $40-$80

    Spider Bites $30-$70

    How much does it cost to get a lip piercing?

    We have shared general information about some of the best lip piercing stores in different cities worldwide.

    Cost of Lip piercing  in Australia

    A skilled piercer will charge you any amount from $30-$50 for lip piercing only. And, if you add the jewelry cost, the price can go as high as $120.

    The cost of lip piercing also depends on how experienced the artist is. If the piercer is more skilled, they will charge you more.

    Some of the best lip and body piercing stores in Australia include:

    Location Name of store Address
    Newtown, Australia Industrial strength Body piercing/Piercing Sydney 192 King St, Newtown NSW 2042, Australia
    Glebe, Australia Broadway Tattoo and Body Piercing 229 Broadway, Glebe NSW 2037, Australia
    Liverpool, Australia Piercing Pavilion Shop 1027 Macquarie St, Liverpool NSW 2170, Australia

    Cost of Lip piercing in Chicago, USA

    The cost of one or two pieces of jewelry cost between $25-$50. If you want more than one piercing, the piercer will charge you $100 and more. But, also remember that the jewelry is sold separately.

    Here are some of the lip piercing stores in Chicago:

    Location Name of Store Address
     Illinois, Chicago Identity Body Piercing 1514 N Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60622, United States
    Illinois, Chicago Lucky Star Piercing 5220 S Pulaski Rd #164, Chicago, IL 60632, United States
    Illinois, Chicago Chicago Ink Tattoo & Body Piercing 5415 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL 60641, United States

    Cost of Lip piercing in India

    It is part of Indian tradition for women to wear piercings on their faces. For example, if a woman has a nose piercing, it shows that she is already married.

    The cost of lip piercing in India is cheap. For about $10-$30, you can have your favorite type of lip piercing. But, before getting your lip pierced in India, ensure that the artist is a professional.

    Below is a chart of the best lip piercing shops in India:

    Location Name of store Address
    Mumbai, India Bandra Bodycanvas Tattoo parlors & Piercing Studios 102/A Gangangiri Premises, Sangeet Samrat Naushad Ali Marg, above Guilt Trip, Union Park, Bandra West, W, Maharashtra 400052, India
    Delhi, India


    Best Body Piercing(Navel|Septum|Dermal|Ear Agarwal Complex, G-1, Block A, Keventets Market, Surajmal Vihar, Delhi, 110092, India
    Jaipur, India bodypiercingjaipur


    K-29, Kiosk bazaar, Gaurav Tower Marg, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302017, India

    How much does it cost to repair a lip piercing hole? 

    It takes about 6 to 9 months for the lip piercing to fade after removing your jewelry, but the punctured hole remains intact.

    A plastic surgeon will charge you an amount ranging between $300 to $1000 for the treatment process.

    The most common treatment involves TCA- a cosmetic medical procedure aimed at giving you younger-looking skin. And the good part is, the treatment does not leave any scars on your facial skin.


    For many years, lip piercing has been a culture of many people in the world. For instance, certain African Tribes had a tradition where young boys transitioning to adulthood pierced their lips to signify the transformation.

    Moreover, in the tribes of Nuba in Ethiopia and Dogon in Mali, lip piercing is a religious symbol used in identifying a person’s rank in the hierarchy.

    Today, many celebrities have popularized the trend. They lead the way in inspiring new generations to adopt lip piercings.

    Bonus:  Before visiting a lip piercing shop, check on the store ratings online and read other people’s reviews so that you can pick the best shop.

    Also, talk to the piercer to confirm the healing periods and after-care methods before getting your lip pierced.

    Good luck with your lip-piercing procedure!