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How to heal a lip piercing faster?

    So you have picked your favorite jewelry, found the store location, and decided to get a new lip piercing. Now, what next? Many people know the level of care a body piercing needs, but most of us don’t know that a lip piercing needs more attention than other oral piercings. Although our bodies have different healing patterns, there are specif measures that you should take for the wound to heal. And so, one would ask, can I make my lip piercing heal faster?

    You cannot make your body heal faster, but you can maximize the healing period by ensnaring the piercing is clean and free from infection. It is also advisable to observe the recommended after-care procedure. For instance, if you just got a new lip piercing, avoid spicy and hot meals. Avoid touching and playing with the piercing so that you do not infect or irritate it.

    How to make a lip piercing bump go down fast 

    Like any other new piercing, you are likely to experience swelling on your lips for some days after getting pierced. You don’t have to stress about it because your body is adjusting to the foreign material(s) inserted through that hole(s). Eventually, the body will adapt to the changes, and the swelling will stop.

    But sometimes, you may notice that your lip continues to swell even after the first few days of healing. Chances are, you may have an infection in your wound, or you have an allergic reaction to the lip stud. So, how do you control the swelling?

    • Using ice is one of the fastest ways to reduce the swelling on your lip piercing. Place an ice cube on the swollen part for some minutes repeatedly to slow down the swelling.
    • Use a saline solution to control the swelling. You can make the saline solution at home or buy one from your nearest chemist. Soak your swollen lip inside the saline solution a few times every day to stop the swelling.
    • Rinse your mouth with mouthwash after every meal to cut the risk of getting any infections.
    • You may also use chewable anti-inflammatory tablets to prevent excessive swelling on your lip piercing.

    Aftercare tips

    Along with the mentioned methods above, following these aftercare tips will help you avoid the risk of infection

    and make your lip piercing heal well:

    1. A lip piercing is an open wound. Avoid kissing or any form of oral sex until the wound heals.
    2. Don’t eat hot or cold food or anything else that will irritate your lips.
    3. Once you get a lip piercing, you should avoid smoking or taking alcohol until the swelling stops.
    4. Avoid reusing tissues or paper towels when treating the swelling to cut the risks of infections. Likewise, do not share handkerchiefs, toothbrushes, and water glasses.
    5. Use mild toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush to avoid irritation to the lip piercing.
    6. Don’t touch the piercing. But if you have to, wash your hands with soap before touching the piercing.

    How long does lip piercing swelling last

    Most swellings subside within a few days. But sometimes, it may last up to two weeks before it goes down. If the bump exceeds this time, it is advisable to check on any possible signs of an infection. You can also call or visit your piercer for further examination.

    Will my lip piercing close up overnight?

    There are many attractive lip studs and rings that you can buy to add to your jewelry collection. Yet, the question is, will they still be gorgeous without you wearing them? Will your lip piercing close up? How fast can a piercing close up?

    A body piercing takes about three months to close up. This period could be different with a lip piercing because it closes faster than other facial piercings. Thus, if you leave your lip piercing without jewelry for more than three months, it will close up. A lip piercing takes around six months to heal. It is vital to leave the lip stud(s) in the hole(s) until your lip piercing heals.

    But, if you must take the jewelry out maybe, because of work, consider using blue tape to mask it rather than removing it. And if you did manage to remove it, put it back as soon as you can. After six months, when the wound is healed, you will be able to leave the piercing without a ring occasionally without worrying about it closing up.

    What Will Be Left after the lip piercing closes up?

    Many people ask, after getting a lip piercing, will it leave a scar? Or what will be left after the piercing closes up? It is ok to be concerned, but you should not worry after getting a lip piercing for the first time. Mostly, the piercing leaves a tiny dot that fills up over time.

    But, this also depends on the type of lip piercing. Size of the punctured hole and the size of gauge used. If the piercer uses a larger gauge, the piercing will leave some scarring that may also tamper with your skin’s elasticity.

    There are some measures you can take if you are more concerned about the scar. You can apply a moisturizer with vitamin E or an anti-scarring cream around the lip piercing. Or, you can opt for a more superior product such as BioOil. Bleaching the piercing area with a small amount of lemon juice will also make the scar fade.