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Middle Lip Piercing

    Middle lip piercing or better known as the Labret piercing has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years due to its versatility, and chic look. Both men and women follow the trend of middle lip piercing. Middle lip piercing is paired with other types of lip piercing like snake bites or dolphin bites to make a classy and trendy look. No matter the style you opt for, rock star or sexy, Labret or middle lip piercing can convey both and is an exceptional choice.


    What is Middle Lip Piercing?

    This lip piercing is perforated in the center, as the name suggests, of the lower lip, a little below the lip itself. Although, on its own, it is a simple type of lip piercing. There are different variations you can go for as well,

    Different Types of Piercings?

    1. Side Labret piercing

    Side Labret piercing is the commonest type of variation. It consists of piercing and placing the jewelry on either end of the lower lips. Side Labret piercing has a couple of variations, like spider bites, and snake bites

    1. Off-center Labret piercing

    This type of piercing is for those people who like to do things differently and want to create their own fashion statement. Off-center, as the name suggests, is the same as the middle/Labret lip piercing, but slightly off the center of the lower lip

    1. Vertical labret

    Vertical, or Eskimo piercing, as commonly known in German is done with a curved barbell instead of a universal labret. This lip piercing looks amazingly attractive, and the jewelry sparkles from the inside and outer edge since the piercing enters through the top part of the lower lip, thus, the outer part is visible too.

    1. Horizontal labret piercing

    This piercing is almost the same as the horizontal lip piercing and like the earlier, it also has two sides visible. The difference between the two is how the jewelry is the placement of the jewelry. Two similar holes next to each other in the lower lip, creating a sparkling look to the other visible.

    1. Inverse vertical Labret 

    Also known as Ashley lip piercing, inverse vertical labret is accomplished in the same way as the original labret, but it is located completely on the lower lip. Thus, only one side of the jewelry is visible right at the center of the lower lip.

    1. Lowbret/Chin Piercing

    For chin piercing. the lower part of the lip, better known as the gum line is pierced

    What Jewelry to Use for Labret/Middle Lip Piercing?

    When you visit the market, you will come across many different types of jewelry for middle lip piercing. The first thing to consider is the gauge and length. The most common length is 14 to 16, as they are thicker, and many different variations are available in them. Although some people go for 18 gauge as well.

    As for length, the most used and widely available size is 7/16” or 3/8”. Most women usually go for the latter, and men the first. However, this usually depends on the individual’s anatomy. This is where your piercer will decide the right length of the piercing. Both are an ideal length because if an infection arises, and there’s extra room for the lip to swell

    There are two types of Labrets jewelry;

    1. Flat Back Studs

    These studs go by the name of Labrets in the market. You can wear Labret studs with different styles of piercings. It makes a perfect deal for people who requires a close fit.

    1. Threadless Labret post

    Threadless Labret post is the best type of jewelry as the two-party system allows you to have a comfortable and easy change. It consists of a shaft/ post and an end.  The posts are changeable, making it easier for you to change the top part, without actually removing the piercing

    1. Captive Bead

    This piercing jewelry has a bead or a ball that fits into a small opening of the circle of the ring. It’s a common choice by many as it allows the wearer to easily remove the ring.

     Middle lip piercing pain

    I would be wrong if I say it doesn’t hurt, but if you can the pain of a lip flip, you can tolerate this too. This is one of the most painful types of piercing due to the presence of ample nerve endings, and during the procedure, if one of the nerve endings comes in contact, it can result in a lot of pain.

    Never go for the lip piercings without making up your mind. If you have the threshold to tolerate the pain, then it’s for you, otherwise no. If the pain at any time becomes unbearable, pop one painkiller. Do your research well and only visit a certified and trained piercer, who sterilizes his/her products beforehand