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Spider Bite Lip Piercing

    Spider bite lip piercing is so trendy that it’s hard to not get one. It takes the whole concept of lip piercing to the next level. Spider bite piercing features two piercings located next to each other, just below the lower lip. It resembles the look of a real spider bite. How cool is that?

    Although there are ample options for the individual look to adhere to the new look with lip piercings, what sets spider bite lip piercing separate from the others is its subtle look.

    Just like all other types of piercings, taking care of your oral health should be your number one priority. This is especially true with spider bite lip piercing because of its location; the jewelry will rub against your gums and teeth that will lead to complications shortly. Now, the level of complications will depend on your autonomy and how often the piece of jewelry rubs against the teeth.

    So, before you decide to go for a spider bite lip piercing, make sure you read further.

    Does Spider Bite Lip Piercing Hurt?

    We all have heard of the old saying, ‘no pain, no gain,’

    So, yes, it does hurt, but, if your pain tolerance is low, it’s better to consider giving it a rest before you go for the second spider bite piercing. At times, multiple piercing results in compounded nerves and pain.

    How Many Times Does Spider Bite Lip Piercing Take to Heal?

    Generally, 4-to-12-week time. However, everyone’s body reacts differently and has different healing times. To shorten the healing time, you’ve to take care and adhere to aftercare practices. But, remember, at times, your body might take time, no matter how good precautions and aftercare you follow.

    What to do After Spider Bite Lip Piercing?

    Spider bite piercing, like other lip piercings, is complicated. Some common issues that arise are due to oral issues, for example, bad oral hygiene, or accidentally biting on the jewelry, and failing to clean the food debris.

    Tips to Follow to Ease the Healing Process

    1. Rinse your mouth with salt water: Saline or sea salt water has antibacterial properties, that’s why you should soak the piercing area twice a day with it to get rid of bacteria. Doing so will clean the back of the piercing too
    2. Use milder toothpaste: Try to avoid using stronger flavors of the toothpaste. For instance, the mint in the paste can aggravate the pain. So, switch to children’s toothpaste, or use a milder flavor.
    3. Avoid Hard Foods: Burgers, fries, pizzas are delicious, but bad for your piercings, especially during the first few weeks of the spider bite lip piercing. Switch to a soft diet so that you do not accidentally bite on the jewelry. You don’t want to end up with a swollen lip in the race to look trendy.
    4. Pierce the side you don’t sleep: This is important because if you pierce the side of the lip you usually end up sleeping, the pressure implied upon the lip area will irritate the site and cause more pain and thus, more time to heal. To avoid this, pierce the side you don’t normally sleep on.

    Different Styles of Jewelry

    1. Flat disc Labret studs

    These gorgeous, simple bead ends will act as dots left behind by the venom fangs. There are all types of bead styles; ranging from charms, gemstones, and spikes too.

    2. Hoops

    The hoops will sit on the lip and for the other person, it will appear that you probably have fangs. These seamless hoops will offer an elegant look, and captive bead rings add a beaded flair

    Some people opt for a combination of two looks and for that circular barbells are the best option. This is for those individuals who want to go one step ahead of the others and make people turn around and look at you.

    Should I go for the Spider Bite Lip Piercing?

    The only thing you have to take care of is your oral health with lip piercings. If you can manage with that and follow the aftercare oral practices, then go for it. Also, at this point, I would like to mention that wearing lip jewelry, in the long run, contributes to receding gums, and enamel wear.

    It usually takes around 40 to 80 bucks for a spider bite lip piercing. Make sure you visit a professional as they will find a place that will cause fewer gum and teeth issues in the long run. Being trendy is good, but not at the cost of long-term dental problems. So, choose the right piercer because one wrong move will mess up everything