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The Least Painful Lip Piercings: A Comprehensive Guideline

    Lip piercings are one of the most very painful areas to get pierced. It is not an easy task, and the pain can be excruciating. However, for those who love the aesthetics of a lip piercing, it may be well worth it. While there are many different places on your lips you can get pierced, some are going to hurt more than others. So if you are thinking about getting a lip piercing, this article will help you understand which ones hurt less than others so you can have a more pleasant experience with much fewer tears!

    How painful to get a regular lip piercing?

    The labret, the vertical labret (VLA), and the traditional lip piercing are all extremely painful. A VLA is going to hurt less than a labret, but it is still a very painful piercing. And a regular lip piercing is going to hurt the most, as it is in the most sensitive spot on your lips and you have to stretch your lip out to accommodate the barbell. However, even the most painful lip piercings are not the most painful body piercings. Some types of ear piercings, such as a helix piercing, are much more painful, though they are much less visible.

    Pain Level of Piercings: From Extremely Painful to Not at all

    Extremely painful piercings

    • Labret
    • VLA
    • Regular Lip Piercing (RLP)

    Slightly painful piercings

    • Smiley
    • Medusa

    Not that painful piercings

    • Monroe

    Is that pain worth it to have a beautiful lip piercing?

    Yes, it is! It is a common misconception that beauty has to come at the cost of pain. If you have the right expectations, do your research, and find a good piercer, you can have a great experience, with minimal pain and swelling. If you are getting a lip piercing because you think it will make you more attractive or it will help you meet new people, you may be disappointed. However, if you are getting a lip piercing because you love the way it looks and it makes you feel beautiful or confident, then you will be so happy with your decision.


    Lip piercings are extremely painful, especially the traditional lip piercing and the labret. However, if you like the way they look and make you feel beautiful, it will be worth it! Remember to do your research, go to a reputable piercing shop, and find a piercer who recognizes your pain threshold and knows how to make the experience as pain-free as possible.