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What is an Embedded Lip Piercing?

    Just a few weeks ago, you had the courage to get a lip piercing. You have wanted one for a while, and your new body jewelry looks amazing. The only problem you are experiencing is continuous pain in your lip that doesn’t seem to get any less. Instead, it only seems to get worse. The metal piercing embedding your skin can be the reason for this. So, what is an Embedded Lip Piercing? When someone speaks of an embedding, this means that the skin is growing over the top of the piercing. Swelling or infection can cause this.

    When the skin grows over the piercing, symptoms of pain will occur. This article will discuss the embedding of a lip piercing and ways to stop this particular process from getting worse.

    Embedded Lip Piercing

    As mentioned above, embedding means that there is skin growing over the piercing. Our bodies naturally try to remove anything that is not naturally there. The first sign of this happening is often because the area starts to swell. When this happens around your lip, the piercing becomes too short, allowing the skin the chance to grow over it.


    What is the Best Thing to do Once the Lip Piercing has Embedded?

    Once the skin has grown over the piercing, the pain will be the result. A newly pierced area in the body will be sore for a couple of days or weeks, depending on the person. After that, the pain should go away. If the area around the piercing hurts and a reason for this might be embedding, it gets advised to go back to your piercer. Let them remove it for you and discuss what you can do to prevent it from happening again.

    How to Stop a lip Piercing Embedding?

    There is always a chance that a piercing embeds. If you want to decrease the risk of it happening, there are a few tips that you can apply.

    Keep it moving

    The best thing to do when you have a lip piercing is to move it. This means that you use your hands to carefully turn the piercing every few hours and push it up and down. This movement does not allow the skin the chance to grow over it.

    Hygiene is key

    Putting jewelry in your lip can cause an infection.  The infection can cause swelling, which can again result in the embedding of the piercing. Therefore, it is essential to keep the area and the jewelry clean. Also, as mentioned above, when you move your piercing, do this after you have washed your hands.

    It is sometimes hard to tell the difference between an infection and embedding. If you want to know more about what it looks like when your lip gets infected due to the piercing, you can read more about that here

    Change the jewelry

    When you feel that the skin is starting to grow over the piercing, it is best to change it as quickly as possible. Changing it with a longer piercing is most likely your best bet. Also, it gets advised to change the material of the piercing. Some people are allergic to certain metals. Piercers often advise getting gold piercings, most bodies react well to this natural material.

    How to Remove an Embedded Lip Piercing?

    It gets advised to let your piecer do it.  This is easier because of the pain that you are experiencing, and because the piercer has the right tools.

    If you don’t want the hassle of going to a shop, you can also remove it yourself. If this is the option you are going for, then

    1. Clean your hands well to minimize the chances of infecting the area
    2. Stand in front of a mirror so you can see what you are doing
    3. Place a bit of grease or lubrication on the piercing as best as possible. (Use a Q-tip)
    4. Take both hands; one hand will hold the top part of the piercing and the other the bottom.
    5. Try to move the piercing up and down 
    6. Carefully unscrew the ball by turning it to the left. At the same time, hold the other side of the piercing steady.
    7. Pull the piercing carefully out of your lip.

    How do I Stop my Lip Piercing From Nesting?

    Nesting is similar to embedding. When someone speaks off a piercing that is nesting, this means that it is sinking into the skin.

    If you see that the piercing in your lip is starting to sink into your skin, the best thing to do is to change the piercing. Changing it for a different size will most likely solve the problem.

    How to Unscrew a Lip Piercing?

    When the piercing area is painful for whatever reason, it is often best to remove the piercing. Therefore it can be helpful to know how to unscrew it yourself. In the paragraph above, ‘How to Remove an Embedded lip Piercing’ you can read how you can unscrew and remove a lip piercing yourself.

    How to Change Your Lip Piercing for the First Time

    After reading the above, it is clear how you can remove the piercing that is in your lip yourself. If it is the first time you are going to remove it, keep in mind that you should always wait two weeks after the piercing date. This is because it takes approximately two weeks for your lip to adjust to the new jewelry and for it to heal fully.

    Changing your piercing for the first time? Go back to your piercer and let him help you. The piercer can help you refit the piercing.

    After reading this article, you now understand what it means when a piercing is embedded. It is advised to undergo a few steps, as mentioned above, to either prevent this from happening or for the embedding to stop. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading the article and learned something helpful!