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Do lip piercings ruin kissing?

    In the delicate dance of human intimacy, kissing stands as a universal expression of affection, desire, and connection. It’s an art form that transcends cultural boundaries, a language of the soul spoken through the meeting of lips. Yet, amidst this profound exchange, an intriguing question… Read More »Do lip piercings ruin kissing?

    The Lip Piercing Caring 101

      Having a lip piercing comes with many risks and complications, depending on the type and placement of the piercing. From swelling to infection, lip piercing aftercare is crucial to ensuring that both the piercing and the surrounding tissue remain healthy. Questions such as how often… Read More »The Lip Piercing Caring 101

      Middle Lip Piercing

        Middle lip piercing or better known as the Labret piercing has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years due to its versatility, and chic look. Both men and women follow the trend of middle lip piercing. Middle lip piercing is paired with… Read More »Middle Lip Piercing

        Spider Bite Lip Piercing

          Spider bite lip piercing is so trendy that it’s hard to not get one. It takes the whole concept of lip piercing to the next level. Spider bite piercing features two piercings located next to each other, just below the lower lip. It resembles the… Read More »Spider Bite Lip Piercing